RDM Gregg - Embroidery

We believe that embroidery always adds quality and style to a garment, and here at RDM Gregg, we aim to achieve this every time.

Our highly skilled embroidery team work extremely hard, using only the best materials, machinery and software, to ensure that your products are of the highest standard. We have complete control over your order and oversee all of the work being done; directly responding to any problems that may arise, and making sure that we exceed all expectations.

A significant amount of precision goes into the process of embroidery which is one of the reasons it usually outlasts the garment that it is applied onto. Any idea you may have, whether it be a workwear with company logo or text, we can accommodate your need to ensure you are happy with the final product. Once finalised your design is then digitised to allow us to prepare for production and if required a sample of your decorated garment can be produced ready for your approval. The benefit of embroidery is that production is swift and exact, with up to 15 colours that can be applied in a single operation.

Smaller designs may take a shorter period of time and cost less, but don’t rule out larger ideas for embroidery. We have two charges when it comes to ordering embroidery: the first is a setup charge which includes the digitising of your design – this is a one-off charge so that you can use your design repeatedly. The second charge deals with the cost of labour and materials and is based on the number of items you would like embroidered.

Every day our factory produces thousands of personalised workwear, embroidered polo shirts, hoodies, custom embroidered hats, jackets, school uniforms, patches, labels, and much more for companies, schools and individuals all around the UK

Have a look through our catalogue at our variety of garments we can provide for your embroidery needs.




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