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We have re-designed our system to fit your business needs.

RDM Gregg’ clients portal is our answer to enterprises and organisations with multiple branches looking for uniforms and clothing for their team. Use the form on this page to register your interest to open your shop. Our sales team will call you to confirm your requirements and discuss of any special need and your personal shop will be ready to rock in a jiffy.

How Does it Work?

Complete the form and press submit. A copy of your message and personal details is automatically sent to us and a copy is sent to your email address so you can double check your submission and get in touch if there is any error.

When we receive your details, this is what happens:

  1. Phone Call: our sales representative will check your details and call you to make the ball roll.
  2. Shop setup: our in-house IT team set up your shop and products accordingly with your instructions and our agreement.
  3. Order and reorder: Your personal shop is ready to use and it’s directly connected to us, we will receive, review and dispatch your orders.
  4. Production/Decoration: depending of your requirements we can collect your personalised garments orders as well, over a period of time and then start the production.
  5. Collect/Dispatch: You will receive an email on order status updates and when your goods will be ready for dispatch or collection.
  6. Payment:  Your available payments options will be discussed with our sales team during the step 1.

Who is it for?

RDM Gregg clients portal is for businesses and organisation with multiple branches, looking for a modern and reliable factory. We are capable of producing high quality personalised garments and uniforms while looking forward to the future. We aim with our system to harmonise the way you purchase garments and customise clothing for your business online.

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Please use this box to provide as much information as possible, like garments codes, colours and sizes.