RDM Gregg - Workwear

Our clothing range is designed to suit a wide variety of work environments, so, whatever your business, you can find the perfect garment and have your workwear with company logo printed or embroidered onto.

We understand the range of impacts industries can have on uniform, so have therefore created garments that can undertake the toughest wear and tear, and high demands. Whether you are looking for office wear or pieces that suit labour-intensive work, our collection combines both comfort and performance, so you can make the right impression with your wardrobe.

You are in charge of your order, so you tell us what you would like and we will do it for you. Have your company logo or text ready and, once you’ve looked through our Catalogue of various workwear, pick which garment/s you would like to be printed or embroidered. Contact our team by calling on 01603 400504 or email info@rdmgregg.co.uk to make your request; we will then create your order, and it can be delivered straight to you or you can pick it up.

We make sure that every uniform is colour co-ordinated and is completely identical. If you are unsure what method to use for your design after choosing your garment, our highly skilled team can help and advise you whether to choose embroidery or print. As well as having the best equipment and machinery bringing your ideas to life, we have an extremely experienced team behind us, making sure that the products we send out are of the best quality and that the customers are always happy.

Have a browse through our Catalogue to find your perfect pieces for your company; we have lots of choice for every industry, from Aprons to Health & Beauty, Chefswear to Suits & Formal. Make your business and work uniform come alive, with RDM Gregg.

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