RDM Gregg - Tour T-Shirts

If you want to make a statement whilst on tour, choose our embroidery and print services to customise any items you require.

Have a laugh and make a great impression with individual T-Shirts, Vests, Polos or even Hoodies for each member of your party. So if you are a band going on tour or a sports team travelling the world, tell everybody who you are, with our team of designers and printers’ help.

Let your imagination run free and have fun creating your own designs for your tour tops. Give us your creations, and choose from the wide variety of garments we have in our Catalogue to bring your ideas to life. After getting in contact with us either over the phone on 01603 400504 or by email at info@rdmgregg.co.uk, we will then process your order as quickly as possible, but never skimping on quality. When we have completed it, and are happy with the results, we can arrange for delivery or collection – whichever option suits you best.

Both services that we provide will produce the perfect result for you every time. If you want a top that is loud and vibrant, that can be kept as a keepsake, our skilled team will 100% guarantee that you will receive the exact finish that you want. Nothing is impossible for us here at RDM Gregg, and we will make sure we are with you through every step of your order. We pride ourselves on good customer service, and we always want to put a smile on our clients’ faces.

We have a huge variety of products to choose from in our Catalogue, so make your mark. Take a look and decide: do you want to have a typical tour T-Shirts and Vest, or do you wish to do something different and pick a garment from the Underwear and Accessories section? The choice is yours.

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