RDM Gregg - Sports Wear

Whether you play sport in a team, or just like going to the gym on a regular basis, we have a broad collection of custom sportswear in our Catalogue.

With hundreds of garments to choose from, you can recreate your personal style with added customisation. Your clothes are an important part of your training, and as well as being comfortable, it’s good to look professional too. From top quality Base-layers to comfortable Hoodies, we have it all, and it can all be embroidered or printed with your name, team logo and even numbers.

Look like a true sports team and be united with a personalised kit courtesy of RDM Gregg. Browse through the hundreds of Sports and Leisure items we have, and choose which pieces you would like to be embroidered or printed with your design. Once you have decided, just give us a ring on 01603 400504 or send us an email at info@rdmgregg.co.uk. We will the process and create your order to our high standards, and when you pick up your order or receive it through the post, you will proud to wear your new sportswear.

If you can’t decide what pieces to choose from our wide range, or what method to use for your designs, our experienced team will be open to give you some advice. Embroidery is durable and print is vibrant, so with this flexibility, your wishes will be met with a high-quality result either way. It doesn’t matter if you’re ordering for a whole sports team or just yourself as an individual, we consistently produce the same standard of products and service to our customers.

Our range of sportswear that we offer branches out to Athleisure and Performance, so you won’t leave out any part of your kit. Your individual style can always be recreated and personalised.

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