RDM Gregg - School Wear

You will never have to sew in your own customised labels for your children ever again – all of our school wear products can be personalised with names and classes, so they never get lost or mixed up in the changing room.

In addition, you won’t be disappointed with our quality embroidery for school emblems and logos if you are a head teacher looking for a new supplier. We can provide every garment you need for a brand-new uniform, which is of significant quality and durability for everyday wear. Carry our high standards through to your school with our professional embellishment and expertise.

Our services widen to lengths that can cover your every need, so if you want embroidery on one piece and print on another, we can deliver. Give us a call on 01603 400504 and let us know what designs you would like to add to what garments from our Catalogue, and we can produce high quality finish to every item. Every design will be identical on every garment, and can be picked up or delivered to you, whatever you choose.

For school wear, we would recommend using embroidery as your first-choice method because it is long lasting, as well as better value for money. Once you choose us as your supplier, your school badge will be in our system forever, so you can keep coming back to us every year and we will still have it on file. We would suggest this method for parents too, so no matter how many tumbles their children’s uniform goes through, their name will never be lost.

If you go straight to our Kids & School wear section in our Catalogue, you can see our good quality garments for yourself. We also offer Footwear and Bags and Luggage, which could be customised for you and your children, to make their school attire one of a kind.

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