RDM Gregg - Promotional


It’s no secret that promotional clothing is significantly effective to business sales and brand awareness. If you have an offer or a campaign you’d like to promote, we have many options available to suit your needs.

Say it loud and say it proud is how the saying goes, and if your design is bold enough, it may draw more business your way. If you don’t want to be too out there, sometimes having your logo embellished on your uniform makes a difference, not only to numbers, but adding to your professionality too.

Whatever text you would like displayed, or however big you would like your logo, make sure you have an idea in mind. Look through our Catalogue that has a Workwear section, as well as an Aprons and Service category, and choose the pieces of uniform you would like to add your promotion too. The next step is getting in contact with us by either calling on 01603 400504 or emailing us at info@rdmgregg.co.uk, so we can process your order efficiently. Once all of your pieces are up to our high standards, we will send them off to you or, alternatively, you can come and pick them up.

Our variety of services allows you to be as flexible as you need when it comes to design, so you can choose any font, style and colours to match your brand identity. We have an expert team which makes sure that quality results are generated every time, and our up-to-date technology 100% guarantees this as well. Our printers and designers are happy to offer advice and help where needed, due to our years of experience and great customer service.

Browse through our huge Catalogue of garments and choose which pieces that are right for you and your company needs. If you have any questions, get in contact with us and we will be glad to help you out.

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